Thats me, Michael 🙂
This site is a summary of important information for the photoshoots in iceland in 2021 and 2022.

During my roundtrip around iceland, i will realize different photoshooting topics focused on iceland and there wonderful nature.

These include topics such as:

  • dancing/dancers
  • portraits
  • body in nature

Around the island i will meet single people and small groups for realizing this.

For this people I prepared small informations here:

The timetable for my iceland trip in september:

  • 17.09. Reykjavik/Akureyri
  • 18.09. Akureyri (dance photoshoot planned)
  • 19.09. Akureyri
  • 20.09.Akureyri/EgilsstaĂ°ir
  • 21.09.EgilsstaĂ°ir/Höfn
  • 22.09. Höfn/VĂ­k
  • 23.09. VĂ­k
  • 24.09. Reykjavik (body in nature photoshoot planned)
  • 25.09. Reykjavik (ballet dance photoshoot planned)
  • 26.09. Reykjavik/Keflavik (red head photoshoot planned)